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Shopping For A XL Guy In A Medium Man’s World

Shopping For A XL Guy In A Medium Man’s World

Shopping For A XL Guy In A Medium Man's World

Shopping For A XL Guy In A Medium Man’s World

Finding clothes in a medium’s man world isn’t really all that cool . I can’t even began to tell you how many times I’ve been to the mall and left with nothing because I can’t find my size. If your anything like me you hate shopping online. Theres just too much that can go wrong with buying online. First lets start with you receiving your clothes and they don’t fit part, second I don’t like to pay for shipping unless its free it isn’t for me. So I decided to come up with a list of my favorite stores. I thought about availability, sizing and clothing choices while selecting this stores.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory

They are a very affordable store so if your like most of us you don’t have hundreds to spend on a outfit. Mostly importantly they have a big and tall section and not like other department stores where it looks like they just stuck us in the corner. Its out front and center and it’s just as big as the other men’s section.

2.   Marshall’s

Marshalls is very much like Burlington in the way that it’s Big & Tall section is bigger than most but what sets them apart is the size of the store and there selection. Marshall’s are generally not half as large as Burlington so if your the type of dude that wants to get in and get out,, this is your store.  Whats offered at Marshall’s is a more mature look as far as style and taste is concerned. The brands being offered are Express and IZOD to name a few .

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3. Sears

Last but not least Sears I know I know y’all are probably reading that name thinking this dude is crazy… but Im not I promise. Sears offers a lot of the same brands Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory . To me the key reason I wanted to include them in my list is mostly about the saving aspect of it all. Sears offers their customers a free loyalty program called Shop Your Way Rewards. At any given time there can be coupons that offer $10 off clothing and apparel. Discounts are where you will always find me.

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