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XL Shoots With Dravius Jamil

XL Shoots With Dravius Jamil

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XL Shoots With Dravius Jamil

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Dravius Jamil is a new model/Artist that is on a new movement to help others who look like him achieve body confidence and self-love! He truly represents body confidence and fitness. Check out over our interview and these amazing photos I was able to capture.

For those who don’t know you tell the people how fitfatboi was created?
Well, “FitFatBoi” was created to represent a fat boy like me really taking his health into consideration. Not to become skinny, but really allowing health and fitness to be the main importance in my life. It’s basically to encourage other guys who look like me to love themselves no matter what size they are and to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. It takes guts for someone who would be scrutinized for their body to show it to the world, but it’s really about uplifting and crashing down insecurity and building a love for one’s self.-
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You are one of the many people that promote body positivity what’s the two things you want others to know before they start this journey? 
I want everyone to know that it starts with really building confidence that can’t be crashed down. You must really accept the person you are inside and accepting your inner self with love. Also, it’s ok to start working on you and taking your image into consideration. When you look good you feel good! That is what working out has done for me, it’s built a stronger confidence layer that allows me to shine!-
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What keeps you motivated to work out?
 -I think the results that I see is really what keeps me going. It’s not easy working out and you really have to allow patience to shine, but the results will motivate you to keep going and of course, people will start noticing before you do and that encouragement will keep you pushing. Plus it feels good to know that I’m actually working on my health and feeling better in the process!
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We hope you enjoyed XL Shoots With Dravius Jamil.

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