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Johnny Biggs USA Big & Tall Men’s Suit

Johnny Biggs USA Big & Tall Men’s Suit

Johnny Biggs USA Big & Tall Men's Suit

Taps Mic is anyone here… Oh, there you are Johnny Biggs USA Big & Tall Men’s Suit. If you know me or if you read this site. You all know that I don’t like suits it’s not my thing I don’t do it well and I’ll leave it to the professionals to wear suits. My friends Big Mike’s, Lil Mike, and my pastor Kristian yeah I’ll leave suits to them. But today I’m going to dabble a little into their world, however first I have to talk about how amazing I felt in this Johnny Biggs USA Big & Tall Men’s Suit.

Johnny Biggs USA Big & Tall Men's Suit

Second, we have to talk about how I just realize the importance of a tailor. When I first got the suit as I showed you guys in the video when I tried it on everything was very baggy so fast forward to me getting it tailored everything fit very appropriately and it looks amazing. 

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Lastly were going to talk about how I’ve grown as a man on this journey of XL Tribe because at the beginning actually my very very very very very first post I was in a suit jacket and dress pants that didn’t coordinate and it was that moment when I put that post up that I said and I don’t wanna look like this ever again so I’m not wearing a suit.

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Fast forward to four years later and I’m in a suit but not any suit I’m in a Johnny Bigg USA Big & Tall Suit that was tailored by P-Squared. Which is why I look so amazing in the suit the moral of the story is find what’s your style and make it work for you. See I’m not dressed up to the nines, I don’t have a bowtie or tie on with a dress shirt I have a white T-shirt underneath with some loafers and I feel like $300,000 right now. I think finding what works for you within a specific style is how you find your style. (Read that again.)

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