Outfit Of The Week Second Installment Of The Three Way

Damnnnn Kirk You Back At It Again LoL

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Outfit Of The Week Second Installment Of The Three Way


Soooo…  last week I hit y’all with the first three-way of the blog’s history.  Now on the second three-way. I decided to pair my Winston-Box denim joggers with the Winston Box vest and added the tan jacket that I thrifted for a pop of color.

After having a truly successful month I think I can say I’m getting to a place where I can finally see my way on up to a level where I begin the real work of changing lives the way God has envisioned me too. So let’s check in. The first month of 2019 has officially come to an end are the goals you set forth on 12/31/18 in place or are you still making excuses about why you can’t do this that and the third.

Get up and start making practical goals and then let’s start achieving them. According to Black Enterprise

Women-owned businesses are growing much faster than all businesses. From 2007 to 2018, women-owned businesses have grown by 58% in terms of number of firms and 46% in terms of revenue,” reports Stengel. “What’s driving these numbers are women of color. Women of color over that same period of time are starting businesses at a much faster rate. The number of firms owned by African-American women has grown by 164% since 2007.

Why you’ll think that is because they’re tired of being held down and want to achieve something they never had. Let’s do the same Tribesmen. I want to make a challenge in February start doing the research to see what its gonna take to make your dreams come true. Whether it be a business big or small because remember Small Business makes up most of the working force. Let’s get to work. I’m making February research month and if you want me to see your work use hashtag #xlchallange.

Head over to https://www.thewinstonbox.com/to save $15 off your first box by using code “KIRK15” at checkout.


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