Fashion Nova Men’s Plus + Is Here

Finally , And They Used A Real Big Guy

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Fashion Nova Men’s Plus + Is Here

Earlier this year I found out they were launching the Fashion Nova For Men and a lot of us were excited because were always looking for new shit to wear. However it didn’t take long for us to figure out there was no clothes for bigger men.

So over that last few weeks I’ve been seen this one guy on my feed and I thought wait a min he’s bigger than most of the fit models they general used. I did some digging on the site and I saw some stuff in 3 & 4 XL but just a few. So today i said let me check the site and low and behold here us 100’s of products in our size.

Well without any further of due I present Fashion Nova Men’s Plus. Go Support…….. We gotta make our voice hear with our DOLLARS.

PS So Far Mostly All Items I See Are Only Going Up To XXXL . A lot of the XXXL I do see is sold out. So Be Patient.

Written by XL Tribe

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