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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Brandon Wright

XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Brandon Wright

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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Brandon Wright


1. What are your biggest fashion obstacles?

My biggest fashion obstacle I would have to say is finding the right fit, sometimes I feel like department stores just piece things together not caring about body types and shapes

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2. Where are you from and how you describe your style?

I am from the Big Apple (New York City) , The Mecca of “everyday is a new beginning to be whoever you want to be in that moment”, from sweats and tee to black tie, I can be who I want based on how I feel when I wake up and I love that.


3. Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)

My biggest fashion nightmare would be oversized clothing, I like to have a neatness when I put things together, (unless it’s look I’m going for cool), however when I order things online and they come in extremely big a little part of me slowly dies, unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my fashion mishap’s because if the execution isn’t right it won’t see the internet.

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4.What are somethings you wanna see more of from your favorite brands?

I would love to see more diverse cuts, I would love to see more of the sleek prints, like the ones they have for the skinnier brothers, and definitely definitely better basics sometime I would love a white t-shirt with the perfect sleeve preferably not one that makes me feel like I’m wearing a three-quarter shirt

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5.Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you see yourself accomplishing it?

In the next five years, I want to do some public speaking to our black boys letting them know that, its okay to be outside the box. I feel like there’s this standard that black youth all have to aspire to be within a certain category, not every black boy has to be a rapper or a ball player. I want our youth to chase THEIR dreams and not the ones our community and surroundings forces us into. I will accomplish this through networking and brand building and hopefully soon starting up a non-profit to help educate and enrich with the right things


6.What do you feel is missing in fashion for the men of size?

A huge thing that is missing in the fashion world for the men of size is publicity, unless you go searching on social media and endless google searches for good quality, form-fitting clothing for men of size you won’t see that representation no billboards, no train ads, not even something on a park bench…at least not here in NYC where people have the pull but refuse to use it if it’s not trending.

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7.If you could swap styles with one celebrity who would it be and why?

THIS IS SO HARD I HAVE SO MANY, However I have two off the back, just because these to men are how I feel on a daily basis, Nas definitely, that man is versatile with his dress and not ashamed, also Bryson Tiller he is the king of laid back but statement making, sometimes fashion can be relaxed and he definitely embodies that.

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