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Essence My City 4 Ways Atlanta Presented By Ford

Essence My City 4 Ways Atlanta Presented By Ford

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Essence My City 4 Ways Atlanta Presented By Ford

As always I am grateful for these opportunities to be networking with people the way I found out about this Essence my city for Wade presented by Ford from Satchel. It was a great event of Exploring, one of the first things I did was get behind the wheel and Test Drove the Ford Fusion which is a car I previously owned and I loved it. Next was The explore time the host of the show was a Lonnie Love they brought out different people on the stage to talk about their fashion contributions one of the guests was June Amber Rose, they also had a talk with  Kenya Freeman which is actually one of the contestants on project runway. DJ Teknology on the ones and twos all day. Kelis was throwing down in the kitchen, and all though I didn’t get a chance to eat any of her short ribs or oxtails it did smell really good. And as usual great minds think alike I  ran into some blogging friends like JoJo and Society of Harlow and Naturelle Bombshell.
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