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Outfit Of The Week New Bloggers Mistakes To Avoid

Outfit Of The Week New Bloggers Mistakes To Avoid

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Bloggers Mistakes To Avoid

I think the story in it all is Bloggers Mistakes To Avoid. Today I was reminded that I ain’t doing shit. My mentor told me today that I need to do more and push harder and the truth of the matter is she is right. I’ve been so focused on making money I forget the step before making money….. DOING THE DAMN WORK.

I honestly I think my goals are super big for the XL Tribe brand and all my Tribesmen so I really wanted to take the brand to heights that no male media Brand has ever been you know. The stress of worrying about how to grow the brand that its has been overshadowing the fact that I need to keep putting in the work and it’s just not my time even though it’s been three years and I feel like I should be further along in my career. The fact is I’m not and if I want to make it I just have to keep putting in the work but I understand that over the past few months I’ve just been so focused on why it’s not my time to the point that I’ve been letting the work slack and suffer.

Bloggers Mistakes To Avoid

So after taking the advice of my mentor yesterday, I decided that I’m going to start doing a top-five post every week so that in addition to the other three posts I do for the week. I want to include you guys more in the process of what the top five is going to be so basically I’m going to try to buy everything big and tall fashion related to give you guys places to shop because what I’m finding is that you guys need places to shop but you need to know what is out there in those shops once you find them. So I’m going to help you guys do all of that and hopefully, that provides more value to you guys that I’ve been providing thus far. I hope this provide some insight into Bloggers Mistakes To Avoid on your journey.

Until Next Time Continue Changing The Preceptive Of XL Men

Hat: Tru Time (Walmart $2)

Shirt: George (Walmart $7)

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