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Let’s Talk About Eating In Public

Let’s Talk About Eating In Public

Let's Talk About Eating In Public

Let’s Talk About Eating In Public

Last week we talked Whats Your Happy Weight and this week we gonna dive into eating in public.

So as a big guy growing up one of the things that I was never comfortable doing was eating in public. It always felt like people were watching me, judging me and/or laughing at me. Now that I’m a lot older and a hell of a lot wiser. I know that most of that thought was in my head because of the insecurities I had about being a big guy.

I wanted to share a little quick pick me up a booster if you may. Listen being a big guy people are going to look at you and automatically assume everything about your life story before you even open your mouth.

If you want to eat 20 wings with celery sticks and carrots and onion rings with a Diet Coke then you do just fuck that. If you wanna have a salad with a dab of ranch have at it as well. The point here is to eat as you please do not I repeat do not be the friend at the table picking at the free bread lightly because you don’t want people looking at you and judging.  If you out with your friends or your family enjoy yourself just the way you’re thin counterparts are.

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