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What’s Your Happy Weight?

What’s Your Happy Weight?

What's Your Happy Weight

What’s Your Happy Weight?

Last week we talked about Masculinity and this week is about our happy weight.

So I’ve been inspired this week to talk about weight. I wanted to talk about how to achieve you happy Weight. What is the happy weight you may ask? Your happy weight is the weight at which you feel your best. So I decided this week that I’m going to talk about me and my journey to the happy weight.

The Journey

I feel like it’s a story that a lot of people can relate to so for me my happy weight is 250, it’s where I feel the most comfortable in my body size in the way that clothes look on me. The way I feel and my overall health just feels better at 250. So I think in the spirit of watching a lot of the other big guys in that in our space like you know Big Guy Fashion and Gentlemen Curb work out and putting themselves out there. Letting people understand that just because they’re big guys doesn’t mean that we don’t work out so I decided to take very small incremental steps in regards to trying to get closer to my happy weight.

I’ve already achieved a lot of that over the past two years I’ve lost and been able to maintain the 30-pound weight loss. Now I need to get 20 more off so I can get to my happy weight so I decided to do a challenge by someone that I’m just getting to know and she suggested a challenge that doesn’t change your diet you just add one green smoothie to your everyday routine. I’m gonna try that along with yoga.  Incorporating yoga and a green smoothie into my daily diet to see what it does for me, how it makes me feel, what it does for my weight.

Overall I’m trying to get to a place that makes me feel good not based on what Society tells me as a man I should and shouldn’t look like but what makes me feel good inside that’s my goal I’m trying to achieve.

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