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XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Angelo Ford

XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Angelo Ford

XL's Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Angelo Ford

We are back another week with our XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Angelo Ford aka Heavy On The Fly.

  1. When the world stopped in 2020 what was some of your goal for that year?

I had goals to collaborate with other Big & Tall men in the industry to put together content; to inspire and empower others in the community but 2020 would not allow me to be great. However; I did take time in 2020 to continue hammering away at strategies while networking virtually to do everything in 2021 that I couldn’t do in the year from Hell. 

  1. What’s one misconception about Big & Tall Men that you hear often? And what are you doing to change it?

    The long-standing misconception in my opinion is that Big & Tall Men are not concerned with being stylish, we just comfort. However, we want both! We want to be able turn heads while feeling comfortable in the looks of our choice. Using my platform on Instagram, I like to put out content that changes the narrative. I’m intentional about using hashtags that target big and tall men like myself, in an effort to inspire and help them drum up ideas on how they can put together similar look or even the same look.
  2. If your favorite Big & Tall brand gave you a million dollars what would you do with it?

A million dollars you say…if my favorite Big and Tall brand gave me a million dollars, I would start a foundation for young men to help them pivot through hurdles of what it means to be Big & Tall. Thinking back to my junior high and high school days being a big dude wasn’t considered attractive unless you played sports and even then, there was a certain look; that was needed to draw the right kind of attention. My foundation would push and promote self-love and confidence because with these two characteristics; you are unstoppable. I would also have clothes readily available and provide tips on how to style them to fit their various body types. I firmly believe that when you love yourself and look good, you can Carpe Diem (cease your day). 

XL's Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Angelo Ford
  1. What’s been your worst shopping experience? And why?
    This is the golden nugget of the questions in this line up. My worst shopping experience is when brands say that they cater to the big and tall man; but the missing link is always – the extra fabric that is needed to complete the shirt or the pants – lol. I’m literally laughing out loud as I type this response because I’ve tried on shirts that fitted like crop tops but that wasn’t the look that I was going for or pants that had me sucking in my stomach so much, until I thought I was going to pass out. I feel that if a brand is powered by the fact; that they want us “Big and Tall” in their clothes – they should put forth the effort, fortitude, and money to ensure that the quality and the brand is a perfect match
  2. What’s on your fashion bucket list?
    Attending fashion week in the four major cities New York, London, Milan and Paris – and actually walking on the runway in clothes from the design houses of Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior. I would be remised, if I didn’t add going on a Parisian shopping spree to get the hottest boots and sneakers from Louis Vuitton and checking out French boutiques along the way. 

XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Angelo Ford

My Instagram name is: heavy_on_the_fly

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  • I am so excited to see MY BROTHER doing his thing!! He speaks from the near and does it well and he’s representing the tribe in an excellent way!
    He speaks well, speaks the truth, and speaks on-point about it all and he’s one of the most well dressed(be it from, casual-to-after five,and everything in-between)guys I know and he put his clothes just as articulated as his words!!

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