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Our New Mens Hygiene Series Head Edition: 5 Brands That Will Change The Way To Care For Your Head

Our New Mens Hygiene Series Head Edition: 5 Brands That Will Change The Way To Care For Your Head

Our New Mens Hygiene Series Head Edition

Happy new year everyone it is 2022 and so I really wanted to do a lot more informational posts this year. In Our New Mens Hygiene Series Head Edition, we will be providing 5 brands that we believe will change the way you’ll care for your head. I want to provide you with information with actionable tips. Tips that you guys can walk away and make changes big or small that instantly impact the way you do something.

So, since we are starting with your head whether it be a Loc’s, loose hair, braids, dreads, or a bald head we all have one. It all started when I asked some inside of our Facebook group and one of the users said you need to talk about personal hygiene. I said hey let’s start from the head and work our way down to the feet.

We gonna recommend about 4-5 brands that you can actually go purchase. To get your head right whether that be shampoo and conditioner hair balm etc. Well also provide beard care products as well in this blog post. Oh and don’t think we forget the ball fellas. We know it’s important to keep them well moisturized and on fleek (lol who evens says that.)

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To start off we have Scotch Porter. When you go to their website they have a few different kits so you got a figure out which one works best for you. Now for my fellows out there who do you know you might not want to drive all the way in they have a trial kit. You can try it out see if you like it. Then you have the ultimate hair collection which has shampoo, conditioner, hair balm, and hair serum. You can buy each of them individually.

Here is how they describe the collection “Look your best up top and say hello to healthier hair and scalp. Our Superior Hair Collection is specially designed for all kinds of textured hair types – like twists, curls, and waves – and includes five key products to keep your hair on point.

Hydrating Hair Wash, Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner, Moisture Leave-in Hair Conditioner, Smoothing Hair Balm and Smooth & Shine Hair Serum. Carefully formulated with non-toxic ingredients that are great for your hair like Kale Protein and White Willow Bark, these products purify, balance, and restore even the most sensitive and problematic hair types.”

KBN Bundle SultryOud.png
Sultry Oud Collection

Next on the list is Koils by Nature. I had the ability to try this brand out a few years ago when they were at The Curvy Fashionista Expo and some of these products I still used today I love their beard shampoo. They have a regular shampoo and conditioner for the hair on top of your head as well. They also have a complete men’s collection which includes a shampoo and body bar oh it’s a two-in-one, a beard and face moisturizer, beard butter, beard oil and it includes sultry oud collection Eau de PARFUM.

Koils by Nature Sultry Oud Collection is the ultimate blend of sensual scents and luxurious ingredients for touchably soft skin and hair. Made with all-natural certified organic ingredients, this collection is specifically designed for men. Leave dry, dull skin and hair behind, revealing lush strands for healthy hair growth and butter-soft skin. 

Shampoo & Body Bar

Gently remove dirt and bacteria from your hair and skin with natural ingredients for a fresh, purifying wash. Mango butter and argan oil add a highly moisturizing enrichment to your shampoo session while featuring vitamins A, C, E, B6, folate, antioxidants, and vitamin E for a naturally healthy glow.

Beard and Face Moisturizer 

Created to deliver maximum moisture with an alluring scent, you can leave dryness behind for a beard so touchable, smooth, and supple, that you won’t be able to keep your hands away. Each ingredient works together to help promote stronger strands for a thick, healthy beard. Argan Oil, known as liquid gold, is high in antioxidants, and vitamin E. Chamomile nourishes hair and naturally heals the skin. 

Beard Butter 

If you’re finally ready for a soft silky beard then this is the butter for you. All-natural ingredients come together for a buttery richness fit for a king. Use as the perfect sealant for our Beard & Face Moisturizer to stop razor bumps, dryness, and scars in their tracks. Since this is a high-quality product, a little will go a long way. 

Beard Oil 

Tantalize your senses and revitalize your beard with this aromatic oil. Each drop seals in moisture with a delicious natural fragrance. Made with pure organic ingredients, this beard oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave oil behind. Feel the richness as it seals in moisture for a visibly healthy beard.

30ml: Eau De Parfum

Warm vanilla creates a soulful fragrance perfect as an all-natural alternative to traditional colognes. Sultry and sweet notes feature a blend of black currant, coriander, delicate jasmine petals, vanilla, and oud. This parfum combines well with your natural body chemistry. 

Screen Shot 2022 01 05 at 5.02.58 PM
MY Hair Repair Kit

Next is Evan Alexander’s fine grooming now they have a few different things that you can use in their product line. Which we absolutely like for the hair series. They have a hair repair series so for my fellas who are thinning or balding at the top and are looking for something to help grow your hair.

Jump-start your hair repair journey with this one-two punch of nutrient-rich shampoo and conditioner. The MY Shampoo and MY Conditioner Tea Tree & Peppermint Stimulating Hair Treatment use naturally derived ingredients to target common scalp issues that hinder healthy hair growth. Best results when paired with MY Hair Repair Serum.

What It’s Formulated To Do

MY Shampoo 

  • Hydrate hair.
  • Clean hair while keeping it soft.
  • Stimulate blood flow to the scalp and encourage thicker hair growth.

MY Conditioner 

  • Detangle hair.
  • Soften hair.
  • Stimulate blood flow to the scalp and encourage thicker hair growth.


Bevel Bevel Bevel Bevel. They are definitely one of the brands that has done a whole Lotta elevating. Since their initial launch as a beard and hair trimmer company. If you are definitely looking for something to give you a better cut for my fellows who to cut their own beard. They’ve definitely been putting their foot on the gas with adding lots of different hair products. They have an essential bundle with shampoo, conditioner and curl cream. PS now didn’t I tell you, Bald fellas, I got yall. Bevel has Ball Balm.


Help give your scalp the protection and moisture it needs without leaving a mess behind. Formulated for your melanated skin to quickly absorb into skin for an easy application that will help moisturize, mattify, and prevent sunburn.


Formulated without sulfates and silicones that dry out your hair.


The best cuts happen after you condition. This sulfate-free formula moisturizes, conditions, and detangles your hair so your lineups and styles are always fresh, clean, and crispy.


A lightweight formula that helps reduce frizz/flyaways and keeps beard polished.


A moisture-rich formula that leaves your curls lightweight and manageable without frizz.

Mens Beard Collection

As we wrap up Our New Mens Hygiene Series Head Edition. I wanted to leave yall with a winner. Last but not least good old Shea Moisture For Men. They always come through for the win. I’ll definitely say for my fellas on a budget Shea Moisture is one of the best options you’re gonna get at this price point. Most of their products are under 10 bucks which is something you can’t beat if you’re on a budget.

You can get them at any of your local Walmart, Kroger, or wherever you pick up your existing hair care products. You got to care for your hair just as much as you care for anything else. Remember guys self-care is not just about going to the gym and meditating it’s so much more.

Start your #beardgoals journey here with our Ultimate Beard Kit. Our Maracuja and Shea Butter Beard Collection essentials helps keep beards looking clean and scruff-free. Begin cleansing with our best-selling beard wash to get any grime or residue out of your beard. Hydrate your beard with our lightweight beard oil to keep it shiny and moisturized.

Round out your routine with our beard balm to shape and provide shine on days when you want more texture added to your beard. Refreshed and energizing Smokey Manhattan Body Wash leaves you smelling and feeling ready to take on the day. Our Shea Butter infused formula will keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Our New Mens Hygiene Series Head Edition

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