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Introducing: Mission Belt

Introducing: Mission Belt

Mission Belts XL Shoots 7

Introducing: Mission Belt

Since I became an adult at age 16 I vowed I would never wear a belt or a suit. Well, I’m 30 now & I broke both of those vows. I wore a suit last year and a belt this year. So I really want yall to know that I have been strongly against belts my entire adulthood and I will tell you why.

Introducing: Mission Belt
Photo By XL Shoots

One thing I hate as a bigger guy was that feeling of the belt cutting into the bottom of my stomach and the thought of pulling my pants above my waist seemed like an ultimate fashion no-no to me. So, its 14 years later and I still feel the same way. No matter how big I get that will not be my life. Picture this it’s December 2018 and I’m watching Shark Tank getting ready to smash my 2019 goals and bam the CEO of Mission Belts walks in Nate Holzapfel and instantly I was glued to the TV. At the very moment that Daymond John gave him a deal I started doing my research and I fell in love with there Mission.

mission image V6

In their owns words here’s the Mission Of Mission Belts:

“When you buy a Mission Belt you become a part of a great philanthropic effort – or as we like to call it, THE MISSION. Here at MISSION BELT, we don’t just want you to look good – we want you to feel good too. That’s why a dollar from every belt goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending. Micro-loans range from $25-$500 dollars per loan. Small loans make HUGE differences. There are millions of industrious, motivated people striving for a better life, and sometimes the only thing holding them back is a little capital to get started. It’s a hand up, not a handout.”

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Here’s a tip because “Mission Belts adjust every 1/4″ unlike traditional belts that only have holes every 1” ” after you eat if you need more room just release the lever and slide the belt to whatever 1/4″ feels more comfortable for you.

Mission Belts XL Shoots 8
Photo By XL Shoots

Need to resize your belt No problem. Here are the instructions to do so.

HowToResize 1024x1024

For all my Tribesmen that can’t wait on the giveaway head over to Mission Belts and pick up on of these amazing belts. PS they have belts from your favorite sports team as well for all my Sports fanatics out there.

Mission Belts XL Shoots 6 e1547847858699
Photo By XL Shoots


It’s like I always say It ain’t no fun if my Tribesmen cant gets none. The giveaway consists of a Black Magic custom leather belt that goes up to size 56″ which is photographed above.

XL Tribe & Mission Belt Giveaway

Tip if your belt still pokes you in the stomach read this article Churstr wrote on how to get some relief especially for my fellas that sit at a desk or who are in a car all day ie my ride share peeps.

Introducing: Mission Belt

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