XL Tribesmen Trailblazer Of The Week Michael De’Von

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XL Tribesmen Trailblazer Of The Week Michael De’Von

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1. When did you know you wanted to be a stylist? Weirdly when i was little i wanted to be a fashion designer. I would sketch shoes and bags etc. FYI i suck at drawing LOL! As i got older i started doing hair as a side hustle for extra money which got me through a couple of semesters in college. I woke up one morning, smelled the coffee and decided to go to cosmetology school. Getting “in” the industry as a hairstylist allowed me to study the ways of others and their sense of style..THE JOY I GOT FROM WATCHING PEOPLES EXPRESSION THROUGH FASHION i just needed a piece of that on a consistent basis… so i slowly jiggled (it’s a thick boy thing) my way into wardrobe styling as well. So here i am. HEY Y’ALL!

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2. What’s the craziest request you ever received from a client? I haven’t gotten anything too crazy as of yet. If i feel like it might get there i throw in the compromising skills. Can we work together and walk away happy from experiencing each other? That’s always one of my goals. Oh but I’m sure foolishness will surely arise one day as my career goes forward lol.

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3. How would you describe your style? My style?….hmmm. Well I’m a bit all over the place with mine lol. I dress the opposite of how i feel when i wake up in the morning. I.e. if i wake up feeling super bouncy I’ll throw on muted palettes….if I’m sluggish I’ll throw on colorful prints..and then there are days when i don’t feel so hot THEN i pick up the baby oil gel and pull out the v-neck shirts. HAAA! This for me creates an energetic balance within. My stylist way of life-The inner needs to feel amazing which then shines through the outer=“Wear the clothes but don’t let them wear you”!
Life is all about BALANCE

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4. How do you feel about all the new terms created for Big & Tall men? It’s definitely come a long way. I’m my personal opinion we still have a longggg way to go. Thanks to XL Tribe for being one of the reason why we are still working towards a better future in plus size male fashion. You guys have given us another platform! It’s time to stand up and speak loudly on our concerns in this industry. We belong here TOO!

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5. If you Could go back in time what would you tell your 10yr old self? Michael there will be a lot of road blocks but never be scared or aggravated with the detour! It might take longer to get to the destination but pay close attention…youre gonna need to know more than one way to get to where you have to go AND there are nuggets you’ll receive taking the longer way that you won’t get taking the direct route. Trust the process and chill dude. This is gonna be an awesome journey!
Some of this i still tell myself at 32……??

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