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XL Introduction Scentbird

XL Introduction Scentbird

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So I’ve been seeing Scentbird for over year but as with most thing I was skeptical. So I figured I’d take a step and see what’s Scentbird all about.

“Scentbird is a way to discover new fragrances without buying the entire bottle! Every month, we deliver a 30-day supply of an authentic designer or niche fragrance of your choice straight to your doorstep. Our vials equate to about 140 sprays – enough to apply more than 4 times daily for 30 days. With your first shipment, you’ll also receive a sleek, re-usable case for no extra charge.”

So I received my first scent in the mail a few days ago and I was in love.

Scentbird 8

Scentbird sent me Elisire this scent is an amazing scent. Take it from the man how never ever, ever wears cologne I’m in love. Elisire has “Majestic Rose, luminous Jasmine, Poets’ Carnation, Vibrant Cumin, sweet aromatic Clove and glowing Saffron fusing into one golden bloom. Rays of Light. Love at first sight. An Overdose of luscious Vanilla, blissful Amber, precious Oriental Woods, rich Leathery Notes. Armor of Gold. Carnal. Empowering. Addictive.”

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Hey its only $14.95/month and they will send you a new fragrance every month. But they have other packages as well:

3-month package ($43.50, savings of $1.50),
6-month package ($84, savings of $6),
12-month package ($162, savings of $17).
We also offer the option to subscribe on an every-other-month basis. All regular subscriptions are recurring, unless cancelled within the term deadline. There are no hidden fees or additional charges for shipping & handling other than sales tax for orders placed in New York and Georgia.


Lets talk about how to you go about choosing a fragrance. Every month you get the option to choose your cologne every month. Below I added a gif they made to show you how it works:

“When you subscribe to Scentbird, make sure to select this month’s fragrance within 12 hours of purchase so we can prepare your first package immediately — log in, add new scents to your queue, and rearrange the order in which you’d like to receive them. If you haven’t chosen a scent by the cut-off date, we’ll make sure to automatically send you our featured Fragrance of the Month depending on your gender.

Starting with your second month, the queue lock-in deadline is the 5th of every month, so you’ll have until then to choose your next fragrance!”


Queue desktop

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Scentbird 2

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Over all I’m extremely satisfied with the program the company the packing the process and the overall experience. I would definitely say this is a great gift for mothers/fathers day or a birthday gift.

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