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Outfit Of The Week: Brawn Grow When We Come Together

Outfit Of The Week: Brawn Grow When We Come Together

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Outfit Of The Week: Brawn Grow When We Come Together. All this year my lesson was growth.

So listen ,today has been one of those day of me realizing that life will get better once I am in a financial place that allows me to fly private . However ,until then let me bring y’all these dope ass looks!

About Francis Baker Look

Jacket: Express

Shirt: Express

Pants: Express

Shoes: BP x Alex Costa

Brawn Grow When We Come Together

About Kirklan’s Look Sponsored By boohooMan

Hoodie: boohooMan xxl ($18)

Jeans: boohooMan(Size 42)

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Shoes: Adidas

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2020 is all about collaborations and growth in my existing streams of revenue. It dawned on me the other day that why wait for 2020 to start doing so . When I found out one of my favorite male influencers was moving to Atlanta, I was excited and I immediately scheduled a shoot with my team and got to work on this idea of fall drip and mixing fashions at different price points.

Brawn Grow When We Come Together

Francis is very high end and bringing you looks that look like they cost 1 million bucks but may not actually be that high while me on the other hand is more of the casual Like Street urban meets prep kind of guy.

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Brawn Grow When We Come Together

Head over to to get your new Fall wardrobe while not breaking the bank.

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