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Outfit Of The Week Rocawear I’ve Always Loved You

Outfit Of The Week Rocawear I’ve Always Loved You

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This week I want to do a blog post to show my love and appreciation for the brand that I absolutely love Rocawear. The story of how this partnership came together was just a god sent. I’ll be sharing a lot of sponsored things from Rocawear for the S/S 19 season collection. There will also be a series of upcoming post that’s sponsored By Rocawear throughout the next few months so look out.

I wanted to talk with you’ll about my love for Rocawear because it is truly authentic I’m going to link you guys to every post ever done on his blog where Rocawear is being featured (okay there too many to link). Just to show my testament to the brand. You see part of being an influencer is actually loving the things you promote. The blessing hit different when the love for the brand is authentic. 

I also wanted to dive into a bit more of the influencer side on this post and I want to talk a lot about negotiating and understanding where your rate should start and how to price yourself especially if you are a black micro influencer. I really wanted to help you guys figure out the way because I get so many questions all the time about how do I price my services as an influencer and I heard this amazing quote seen below.

Mattie James stated that you if you have black influencer you should be charging more than larger influences because most brands are trying to get to the audience that you’ve already cultivated which means you are now a commodity. Think of yourself as caviar. Or if that wasn’t clear enough you’re a Specialist while everyone else is a general MD. We’re all doctors you just specialize in this field.

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