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Our Featured Story Issue 9: With Vonnie

Our Featured Story Issue 9: With Vonnie

Our Featured Story Issue 9: With Vonnie

First I wanna thank Vonnie for being so open to all of my crazy ideas. Our Featured Story Issue 9: With Vonnie is another reason why he’s the shit.

XLTM: How do you source the new designs, where does your inspiration come from?

Vonnie: I literally get design ideas from everything around me. A friend’s outfit, what I personally would want to wear & even listening to music has brought me a lot of ideas. I’m at the point now where I have over 100 different unreleased designs.

Our Featured Story Issue 9: With Vonnie

XLTM: What piece of advice can you give to a Big & Tall Fellas who may be struggling with his self-image?

Vonnie: Remember to not let your mind bully your body. Don’t let what other people think about your body fuck with your confidence. We’re not born with insecurities! Society’s fucked up beauty standards cause us to compare & you are perfect just how you are.

XLTM: So recently you moved what sparked the change?

Vonnie: I felt stagnant in Miami. I felt like I was losing my hustling spirits that’s instilled in us down there. I was getting too comfortable & I had to do shake things up a bit & I’m honestly glad I did!

XLTM: How have you managed to manage to maintain such a cult like following?

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Vonnie: Just being myself & showing everyone that fat men can be just as attractive as smaller guys. I think you can see my confidence through my pictures & how I carry myself & I think that resonates people.

Our Featured Story Issue 9: With Vonnie

XLTM: Its been over two years since you went viral what are some of your best business lessons?

Vonnie: As cliche as it sounds I think it would be to stay true to yourself & your ideas. No matter what goes on around you, know what’s best for your business & why you started it & remained focused on that.

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