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XL Tribes Magazine Issue 9 With Vonnie

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 9 With Vonnie

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 9 With Vonnie

Letter From The Editor

OMG, I cannot believe that we are almost 3 years into the creation of this magazine and we are going digital. XL Tribes Magazine Issue 9 With Vonnie is now out.

So to celebrate the first digital cover we are celebrating our very own Ceo Vonnie of Big Boys Are Cute which is a brand that I fully support.

I’m so excited to be able to marry the two things I love photography and helping black businesses grow. We need to pour into the brands that jump out the window and decide to start a business because it’s not easy and if you thought it was whoever told you that the lied.

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So from now on what you should expect is that every month will be launching a digital magazine cover that will be on the site. Inside of that article we will discuss all of the topics that you should expect from us for that month.

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So for example this month you should expect a write up about Vonnie and his business you should also expect from us a blog post of my outfit of the week. We’re going to branch out and talk about different topics like sex, mental health, a podcast of the week, and more. So get your keyboard ready to type every week. Thank you’ll so much for all the love and support. So with is out. further of due XL Tribes Magazine Issue 9 With Vonnie is out.

What To Expect This Month

  • Our Interview with Vonnie the CEO of Big Boys Are Cute.
  • Tips For Better Sex As A Big Guy
  • Mental Health Check-In
  • Outfit Of The Week
  • Small Black Business Of The Week
  • Podcast of The Week
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