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Introducing Percxption Aka PXN

Introducing Percxption Aka PXN

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The Beginning

This week’s XL Tribe’s outfit of the week blog post is going to be a little special to me. Introducing Percxption Aka PXN. So these days I find that I meet a lot of new creative on Instagram. Well, one of those creatives goes by Mario who is the CEO and creator of the Percxption Brand they’re based out of both Atlanta and LA because he’s bicoastal. For years now and he’s been talking about diving back into fashion.

Introducing Percxption Aka PXN

Last year I had the opportunity to shoot him which was exciting. What was even more interesting to me was his love of fashion. If you go to Mr. Reed’s page you will see there is nothing but dope ass fashions all up and through his page and the one thing that I just keep saying is like every time how do you keep doing it

But as you know when you’re a true creative it just never stops flowing and you can tell Mr. Reed has no sign of slowing down. Recently, I believe earlier this year he took the ultimate leap of faith and decided to be a full-time creative and when he made that decision, I decided that I was going to push Percexption as hard as I possibly could.

I know exactly how it feels to take the leap of faith to become a full-time entrepreneur it’s not easy at all. It’s one of the most daunting lonely tasks you can do. So I wanted to support him in any way I can. Every time I have an opportunity to purchase a product (I do so) or if I can’t purchase the product at that time I’ll go ahead and make sure that I push it on all my social media platforms.

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Introducing Percxption Aka PXN

Someone else in your audience could very well become one of PXN new customers. Just because I can’t purchase doesn’t mean that someone else won’t be able to. That’s a lesson as well for friends of entrepreneurs. If you can’t afford to support your friend because (it’s too much) don’t ask them for discounts. However, you can afford to do free things like help them pack up items or agree to take things to the post office for them (because we know shipping is a hassle) or help them sourcing new content they need to produce. You can also promote it on social that’s free as well.

Here’s To Your First Milli

So without further of due, I’m Introducing Percxption Aka PXN. They are a dope luxury streetwear brand that I am so proud to support and I cannot wait to see where Mr. Reed takes this brand. When he gets his million dollars in sales I have a bottle of Grand Marnier waiting for that Day. 

Introducing Percxption Aka PXN
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