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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Airam Thurman

XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Airam Thurman

XL's Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Airam Thurman

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1. What are your biggest fashion obstacles?

I’m a short guy with broad shoulders, thick legs, and a small waist. Finding things off the rack can be a nightmare. It’s so important to invest in a great tailor.

2. Where are you from and what are biggest fashion trends in your city?

I’m currently residing in Louisville, KY. It’s a city that prides itself on the gentlemen dandy style.

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3. Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)

My biggest fashion nightmare was when the hem of my pants came undone as I was walking across the stage to the podium to make a speech. It caused me to stumble and by the time I reached the podium my whole pants leg had completely covered my shoe. Thankfully I was able to hide behind the podium for a while.

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4. What are some of your biggest style inspirations?

I love to travel, so for me, inspiration comes from traveling to different parts of the country and interacting with the people. I’m inspired by the dapper style of the men of the south, the hip-hop infused style of the men of New York City, the professional tailored look of the DC man, and the laid-back style of the southern California guy.

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5.Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you see yourself accomplishing it?

I currently have a dream job of marketing for a nonprofit company. I’m passionate about community outreach and serving the underserved. As I continue to grow in the field of marketing and community outreach, I want to relocate to a major metropolitan city. I firmly believe your network is imperative as you grow in your career. I expect to lean on those that are in my inner circle for support as I seek to reach new heights in my career.

6.What do you feel is missing in fashion for the men of size?

Just because we’re bigger men doesn’t mean that we don’t want clothes that fit us properly. I feel like as a bigger man sometimes the looks that are sold to us are oversized and sloppy when it comes to casual wear, bigger men appreciate a fine tailored look too. Even when it comes to casual wear.

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7.If you could swap styles with one celebrity who would it be and why?

I would swap styles with Pharrell because he has a bold and playful look. He’s always the trendsetter and never the follower. Pharrell is never afraid to take a risk, and he does things with style that I would love to try.


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