Jason Hudgins Is Meeting Us At The Corner of Black & Gay

Jason Hudgins Is Meeting Us At The Corner of Black & Gay.

This week as we rap up Pride month I could leave without chatting with Jason Hudgins Who Is Meeting Us At The Corner of Black & Gay.

1.How are you handling the intersectionality at being a black gay Big & Tall guy?

Living at the intersection of all of my identities means that I am constantly on the frontlines of a fight for inclusion, recognition and respect. It was a long journey but I  have learned that it is a privilege to be me; the black, gay, 6’7”, 275lbs me. That realization has a way of forcing you to walk unapologetically. I demand respect and carve out space for myself and those who share my identity no matter what room I step into. When I learned to celebrate myself I found that it gave others the room to do the same.

Jason Hudgins Is Meeting Us At The Corner of Black & Gay

2. What do you believe would be the outcome if the countless black men & women that were murder was part of LGBTQIA+ community?

We can see the outcome with the way that society ignores the deaths of our black trans sisters. Unfortunately the fight for justice still has too many asterisks that qualify who we deem worthy of our support and advocacy. We see a level of outrage when a black straight man is killed that is not always present for black woman, gay men, trans men and women, ect. We have to come to a place where injustice that threatens any member of our community is met with same level of outrage and action. Who is impacted should only be highlighted as we examine what unique strategies are needed to protect that group in the future.

3.If you had the mic and a million people were listening what would you say?

There is an African Proverb that says “if you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Every system in this world whether it is racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, ect is rooted in trying to divide people so that they will never realize their collective power. Many people burn out on their journey because they go alone and it forces them to try and be everything to survive in every situation. If we learn to invite people to join us on the journey it allows everyone to use their gifts and we all arrive whole. My greatest hope is that no matter where your journey leads you, that you arrive whole.

Jason Hudgins Is Meeting Us At The Corner of Black & Gay.

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