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TCFStyle Expo Day 1 Part 1

TCFStyle Expo Day 1 Part 1

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TCFStyle Expo Day 1

Until I can repay you thank you, Marie. Yesterday I had the most amazing time of my life. I did not know that my life would be changed in just a matter of seconds on The Curvy Fashionista Expo stage. I planned on going to take some photos of the MVP Collection Fashion Show go to the panel of the rise of big and tall fashion and go home. I agreed to volunteer as part of the show and cover the other part of the show as well. I was going to do my volunteer duties and two women came up to me and stated that they wanted to know what size I wore so I hesitated a little and then I said 38 she says come with me afterward my life was changed. Little did I know them calling me was going to turn into walking in the MVP fashion show, getting the opportunity to meet Mo, sit down with his creative team and later a roundtable discussion which then later turned into the idea that I might want to do a roundtable discussion on a regular basis you know. (Putting It In The Universe)

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Marv Neal,  Kenya Mollie  Juanita DavisRah Mosley

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The Rise Of The Big And Tall Man with Bruce Of Chubstr Rob Robinson AkA @bulituprealnice Mo Vaughn Of MVP_USA  Danny Of The Winston Box

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DSC 0055


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Natasha Of YBF   Juanita Davis Of GM

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DSC 0063

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Marie The Curvy Fashionista  Wendy Of Just Jewels 4 U

DSC 0086 DSC 0089 1 DSC 0092 DSC 0096 DSC 0105 DSC 0110 1 e1501340467955 DSC 0105 1 DSC 0121

Rah Mosley and Mo Vaughn In MVP Collection

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Danny Of The Winston Box  Kirklan In MVP Collections

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