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Savage X Fenty Got It Right Again With Big And Tall Fashion

Savage X Fenty Got It Right Again With Big And Tall Fashion

Savage X Fenty Got It Right Again With Big And Tall Fashion

Savage X Fenty Got It Right Again With Big And Tall Fashion. Let me tell y’all about the morning of Thursday, January 14, 2021 I happen to wake up extra early (if you know me you know that I don’t wake up till noon.) I rolled over and I saw the little preview of my email and I said that look like somebody I know. I clicked on the email and it was none other than Brandon Madden. I was so ecstatic listen, Brandon is one of my good friends and we talk on a regular basis and this he manifested.

We were on the phone a few months ago he was like yo I just saw what happened with Steven that’s mad dope ah yo Rihanna call me next. Well so said so done. I said this is what manifestation looks like he said he wanted it and it happened that’s what happens when you put things out into the universe and they come back to you.

Savage Fenty team you’ll are 2/0. Twice in a row they got it correct and they’re a new brand in the space of fashion. While you have these ancient brands that refuse to give us plus size fashions correctly. If I could talk to the Savage team I would tell them we love it. Savage really cares about Big and Tall Men’s fashion and Plus Size fashion because the way that they showcase us. Many of the models have visible plus size bodies. It’s an honor to finally be seen.

I appreciate Savage X as a person and as a brand . I also love the aspiration portion of the website because to see guys that look like me is virtually unheard of. Rihanna I bought so many underwear its ridiculous. OK because when I bought them underwear and I get it home I feel like $2 million. So thank you Rihanna and the Savage X team again for getting it right. The break down the different sizes so you have someone in a small, medium, large, XL, and XXL is a game changer.

Do you’ll really know how amazing that is to get an idea of what somethings going to look like on somebody’s bodies before they even buy it. PS To other brands reading this it only helps you sell more of your clothes.

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