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XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller.With over 30 years in the eyewear industry, Cabral Miller understands first-hand what a satisfying optical experience requires. Alongside his commitment to excellence, Cabral embodies a welcoming spirit and a strong degree of patience – making each customer’s encounter valuable. His ability to form such strong connections has helped Cabral craft what he calls “The Eye Whisperer” Experience, an optical intervention.

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

Serving as your personal concierge, The Eye Whisperer will take your shopping experience to the next level. With personal interaction and engagement, Cabral learns enough about his clients to help select optics that bring out their best features aesthetically and professionally.

Here is what we found about the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur….

When did you know that eyewear was it? And how’d you get the name The Eye Whisperer ?

Ironically enough I was born into this industry.  Back in the 1960s my grandparents started their first optical center in the great city of Newark New Jersey; since then every generation after has continued the legacy.  Although growing up I didn’t always believe that I would be in the Eyewear And Eyecare  industry, overall it came very naturally. 

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

What’s the most interesting glasses story you’ve heard, seen or experienced ?

I have experienced some great stories: some very funny, some less fortunate so much so that I actually created a fun fact that I so dearly call the “Customer of The Day (COTD)”. Each incident allows me to express something funny that may have happened and how I was able to help each of my clients on the particular day to be in a better place with the Eyewear.  One example would be a client who sleeps in his glasses: 

COTD: Whenever I sleep in my glasses and i wake up they feel crooked.  What’s wrong with these glasses?

Me: #?icyant….. After we laughed together,  I realigned his glasses and all was well inthe world.  

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

Describe your personal eyewear style.

I would describe my personal eyewear style as diverse. I’m not afraid of color. I’m not afraid of design or shape.  I actually allow my vibe for the day to determine which eyeglasses I wear, and in most instances, they definitely will be color coordinated to whatever I have on.  I go from oversized and bulky to very thin or rimless; it all depends on the day and the design.  

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

What are some challenges Big & Tall men experience with eyewear? And what are some pointers, if any, to help navigate that?

The primary challenge with eyewear for big and tall men is the very same challenge that comes in with apparel for big and tall men: size and fit!  In most instances when you have a man with a full sized head the  things you must to look are the width of the frame on the face,  as well as the length of the temple or the arm piece over the ear so that the glasses don’t look like they are not fitted properly on the person’s face. The key is always to work with an eyewear professional so that they will see the things that you tend to not look at and look for! 

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller

What’s up, or who’s up next in the eyewear space?

Independent designers and creative artisans are what’s up and what’s next in the Eyewear industry. Everyone is looking for something outside the box to set them apart from the day-to-day basic Eyewear that many people wear. Most folks are looking for specialty colors or limited additions or Exclusive Eyewear products so that they can stand out amongst the crowd. 

2020 is the Year of Vision, and eyewear and The Eye Whisperer promises to deliver Fashion as well as a Function on this eyewear journey!  

To find out more about Cabral Miller, visit www.theeyewhisperer.com and follow on all social platforms at @theeyewhisperer

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