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Post like this bring me so much joy to be able to celebrate the people who I grew up with that are doing the fucking thing. There is only a few people who I fucks with from high school.  When Darius told me that he was having an art show I was like count me in I’m showing up.

Little did I know that when I got there it would be some of the most amazing pieces of art I’ve laid my eyes on his artistic vision it really really captures the time we’re in. I think one of the more iconic pieces is the one featuring Maxine & Maxine, it’s really capitalizing on the newfound internet popularity of Maxine Waters while making you reminisce on the 90’s with Maxine Shaw from Living Single.

Another one of his paintings that I really really really enjoyed was the Missy Elliot one. It replicates six of her most iconic videos. This piece is another one that captures the essence of who Missy Elliott, oh I’m sorry Missy Misdemeanor Elliott is.

All of the shots I will have pictured below so you guys can see exactly what it is that I fell in love with the minute I walked into the Blank Canvas Art Studio where the event was being held. To say the least I think Darius Amore is an artist that you guys need to keep on your radar because he’s definitely definitely going places that you guys want see.

PS DJ Sir Daniel is having an event at the same Black Canvas Studio as well this Friday called The New Jack Jingle Jam.


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