XL Tribesmen Trailblazer EL Donald Coleman

“I Danced All Around The World”

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XL Tribesmen Trailblazer EL Donald Coleman

In a place as creative as Atlanta its still not everyday that you meet someone as vibrant & full of life as EL Donald. EL Donald & I met at a friends Art Show Called Prizmatic by DJ Sir Daniel it was there we connected on our common interests of dance, XL Tribe (He’s 6’7 btw if you can’t tell in the photo’s) and that one, the only Brandy.

Little did I know one year later he’d be sailing around the world living out my dreams on Instagram. El Donald Coleman is a young man who literally is paving his own way. Last year he was offered an opportunity of a lifetime. El was given the chance to travel the world doing what he loved…. in Higher Education.

For a man who’s only 33 turning 34 (Virgo’s Represent) he’s done things many of us would only dream of. He’s danced with the native’s in Ghana, Climb the mountains in Capetown and more… I just wanna show y’all this incredible memoir EL wrote on Instagram on Dec 31…. It reads as follows

“I am welcoming 2018 with open arms. I usually dance through every year but this year I danced all around the world. I let go of my “no new friends” philosophy and met some amazing people. I’m thankful for all the lessons, an amazing framily, new experiences, confidence to take risk, and the opportunity to #BankheadBounceAllOverTheWorld. In this video I was living my best life in India at the beautiful Agra Fort. I noticed a student filming my dancing & then wished I had a videographer following me because there are plenty of dances that are now just a memory. Lol. I wish you all the best new year. I love to see everyone succeeding on their own terms. May you be the best version of yourself in 2018! “

Follow EL and his amazing journey to moving up the ladder while he Bankhead bounces all over the world on Instagram at @talldc.

XL Tribesmen Trailblazer EL Donald Coleman

XL Tribesmen Trailblazer EL Donald Coleman

Written by XL Tribe

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