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XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Gebel Baucham

XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Gebel Baucham

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XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Gebel Baucham

What are your biggest fashion obstacles?
1. There are so many that come to mind being a man of size. One of the more prominent ones would have to be articles of clothing that fit one part of the body but not the other. For me, it’s dress shirts. If it fits my neck, it’s too large for my body. If it fits my body, it’s too small in the neck. If I buy a pair of pants that fit my waist, I promise you they won’t fit in the thighs. If they fit in the thighs, I’ll have to spend extra money to have them taken in to fit my waist and get them tapered at the calves.

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Where are you from and what are biggest fashion trends in your city?

2. I was born, raised, and currently reside in the great city of Los Angeles, California. One of the biggest fashion trends out here is actually a lifestyle, and that’s freedom. There’s a huge push to be free to live and dress how you want. That leads to the freedom of feeling comfortable with being able to step out of your comfort zone and make fashion work for you.
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Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)

3. My biggest fashion nightmare would have to be ANY time you wear a white shirt, there’s that constant fear it won’t be completely white when the day is done. No matter how careful you are while eating, you almost always get something on a white shirt.
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What are some of your biggest style inspirations?

4. My style inspirations come from all over. There are traditional sources such as GQ magazine and the many talented guys on social media such as @thebigfashionguy and @stevenonoja. Then there are less traditional sources of inspiration, such as the show “Power”. I LOVE the fashion on that show. It ranges from high-end street fashion to high-end formal looks.
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Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you see yourself accomplishing it?

5. In five years, I see myself successfully operating my photography business. It’s a goal that I’ll accomplish by working diligently at it and only taking part in things that serve that vision. Focusing my energy into that to see it through is extremely important.
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What do you feel is missing in fashion for the men of size?

6. [bctt tweet=”One of the biggest things missing in fashion for men of size is quite simple” username=”xltribe”]: availability. This bleeds over into many areas. Not just availability of sizes, but the availability of affordable yet stylish clothing, availability of patterns other than plaid for shirts, availability of support from a lot of the larger clothing manufacturers in terms of men of size. If we want stylish clothes, we often have to pay 2-3 times more at a specialty store for clothes we more than likely won’t be thrilled about. It’s time the industry realized men of size are doing big things in fashion, no pun intended and provided more affordable and stylish options for us as well.
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