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XL Shoots Lanquan Wright

XL Shoots Lanquan Wright

Quans32BDay 20

XL Shoots Lanquan Wright

In our latest edition of XL Shoots. I had the opportunity of shooting my best friend for the site. With every shoot, I grow and I continue to realize it gets better. So far this is my most comprehensive shoot to date. We shoot at three different location for a three-hours. What was produced was my best photoshoot yet. My mission was to change the way big and tall men are perceived and each day I’m beginning to see the fruits bear on the XL Tribe Tree. IE.. XL Shoots,  Featured Tribesman….

PS I want you’ll to help me wish Lanquan a Happy Birthday.  Thank you BadRhino for sponsoring Quan’s blue Chinos. 

Quans32BDay 19

Quans32BDay 8

Quans32BDay 2

Quans32BDay 22
Quans32BDay 20


Quans32BDay 16

Quans32BDay 29

Quans32BDay 28

Quans32BDay 40

Quans32BDay 52

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