Outfit of The Week Walmart’s Big & Tall Section Is Popping

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Walmart’s Big & Tall Section Is popping and I can’t wait for y’all to check it out.

Walmart's Big & Tall Section Is Popping

About The Look 

Hat: Black Owned Hat Store (On Main Street Atlanta)

Shirt: George (Walmart)

Shorts: Greg Norman (Macys)

Shoes: OSX (DSW)

On this week’s Outfit Of The Week I’m wearing this dope ass shirt I found on the Walmart Clearance rack for $7 …… yes $7 dollars. These pants I bought years ago from Macy’s really came in clutch. Yeah yeah yeah I know it’s getting a little cooler now but y’all still gonna get looks lol.

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Lets talk shoes. I know so many of you’ll have an issue finding shoes that fit because many of you’ll wear size 13 and up and it can be extremely hard in that process. Well, DSW just might be your friend. They have a width (all pun intended) selection of shoes that may work. Check them out and tell me what you think.

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Good Day My XL Tribesmen 

I first wanna start this post off by thanking God!!!!!! I really can’t believe this is my life . After 11 years of trying everything under the sun I feel like I’ve finally embarked on a journey that I can stick too. I’ve never had a entrepreneur path that felt more aligned with my mission. I’ve been trying to save people my whole life….. however, I was the one that needed to be saved. XL Tribe saved me!!!!!!!  For most of 2019 I was wondering when was gonna be my time. I feel like the heaven have officially shined on me and said go on its your turn.

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