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Rah Mosley The Interview

Rah Mosley The Interview

Rah Mosley The Interview

Our final interview for the Nov/Dec Issue of XL Tribesmen Magazine is finally out. We had the opportunity to catch up with Rah Mosley to conduct The Interview. We hope you’ll enjoy this interview.

  • How have you been managing the pandemic with your modeling career?
    • 1. Well, throughout this year it’s been a little difficult keeping things going, but I’ve still been booking jobs and working. I think this time has made everyone learn to think more outside the box and become even more creative. I’ve always had to work a little harder in many areas of my life so this is nothing different, plus it’s something I love so I won’t let the pandemic stop me.
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  • How do you feel bout being a model in your 40’s?
    • Are you treated any different? 2. I really don’t feel any way, to be honest, some men tend to have longer careers in modeling because aging gives you a more distinguished look and its a little less focus on being super slim or a certain size like how it is with supermodels. I haven’t been treated differently because of my age, if anything my height gets me treated differently more than anything.
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  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started but thinks it’s too late?
    • The advice I would give guys who are trying to get started is to get some photos done, start an Instagram account, and start putting themselves out there to be noticed. Also always be professional and don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask questions. I think there’s so much room for so many different types of big and tall models, you just have to make yourself seen.
What’s one goal you want to accomplish in 2021?
  • My goals for 2021 is to secure at least 2-3 more campaigns and spend more time working on my brand and a few other projects I have coming up soon. STAY TUNED!!!!!
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