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Outfit Of The Week Big & Tall Suit’s

Outfit Of The Week Big & Tall Suit’s

XLTribe Home April Shoots April 2020 35 scaled

Our Outfit Of The Week Big & Tall Suit’s is a shocking surprise.

OMG, I can’t believe I’m writing this my studio is finished… well almost finished. I still have to put a light up and add a few more touches to make it completely personal but it’s almost done. So the fact that I’m writing this today I just simply cannot believe it’s been a long time coming one of the processes of buying a house was that we always wanted a space to create at all times whenever creative strikes.

Our Outfit Of The Week Big & Tall Suit's

I hope you’re ready. The studio is going to cause me to work a bit harder and produce much more content than I’ve ever produced in my life. You have to get your eyeballs ready to re-post blog post and look at the photos and get your fingertips ready to re-share content because I’m about to be cranking them out like a Ford factory. Thank God we’re done… almost.

XLTribe Home April Shoots April 2020 21 scaled

I present to you the first installment of studio photos are here. I cant lie I love them. Y’all know I don’t like wearing suits not my thing however once i put this jacket on and saw how it fit I just knew I was in for a dope ass shoot. I really hope y’all enjoy these photos.

XLTribe Home April Shoots April 2020 33 scaled

Listen before we get out of here I have to y’all about The Winston Box. The Winston Box is one of our original sponsors and for that I have to say thank you. They keep growing with us and this dress shirt is a prime example. The cut of the shoulders and then down to the cut of the arm length that leave just enough space for your watch. Its just amazing.

Jacket: Thrifted

Our Outfit Of The Week Big & Tall Suit's

Shirt: The Winston Box

Pants: Dockers

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