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Meet The CEO: Kirk

Meet The CEO: Kirk

Meet The CEO

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Meet The CEO

Wow I really can’t believe I’m here writing this post. I spent months deciding whether to post any pictures of my myself on the site for a lot of reasons one of them being fear.

Ultimately I decided that I needed to be the example for big guys everywhere. There has been many of time’s in my life that I felt ashamed to be a big guy. From the ever consistent TV ads, Facebook and the worst of them all … Instagram.

If you surround yourself with this constant “you need to lose weight” your world will be filled with much doubt. So every few weeks I will drop a new look styled by me .

Some of the these posts I will be modeling sponsored Items and some will just be looks from my own personal collection. I hope that you’ll find inspiration from the looks presented and if not for anything else here’s permission to be your best damn self.

Glasses: Express

Shirt: G.H Bass & Co

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Shorts: Arizona Jeans

Shoes: Adidas


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