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XL Saturday Stories Kirklan H

XL Saturday Stories Kirklan H

XL Saturday Stories Kirklan H

XL Saturday Stories Kirklan H

I spent some time today thinking to myself how can I do more. See fashion is dope and all but I started this site to go deep. I wanted to get to the root cause of what causing us to not be our best selves. So after chatting with Dr Lionel Horugavye I really feel like I need to open the floor to have a real dialogue. Talk about some real shit. Someone once told me “if you don’t do something with your emotions their going to do something with you.”

So I created XL Saturday Stories in the hope that someone will read the stories and feel like their not alone in this struggle. So I figured well If I’m asking everyone else to share their story’s its only fair I share mine.

My relationships with most of the people closest to me growing up were never the sacred and covenanted as we all believe it should be. Our relationship was one very much rooted in necessity. I needed them to survive and they couldn’t legally abandon me. The problem with that was, in fact, they did abandon me it came in the form of emotional abandonment. Now looking back on things it’s so clear to me even the moment that occurred to make me feel lost, lonely and heart sick.

It was then that my relationship with most of my immediate family was broken and my new relationship would begin budding and flourishing my waistline (lol). See growing up I was always the skinniest person in the class. But now as I entered into high school I now at 200lbs and 5’10 in the 11th grade and struggle with the new-found additional weight of 70lbs I’ve added within a year and it crushed me. High school was honestly was a blur I think I purposely blocked it out so now I can’t remember people and things that took place back then.

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I spent many many years in what felt like the better part of a decade fighting this internal fight of how to be comfortable in my skin. See women are continually being bombarded with pressure from all sides about what’s the socially acceptable standards of beauty and I won’t take that away from them. However, I do feel that for men that pressure is immensely heavier. In the society that we are born into as men, we are expected to be the provider, the protector, the Mandingo worrier.

We have to be all things strong. See being strong isn’t even a problem for me actually I think strength and charisma are attributes I execute quite well if I most say so myself. One of the biggest issues with being strong is that nobody ever asks you are you okay.

XL Tribe will become that place. This site is like my baby and I will protect it with my life so other men like will have the space where they can feel comfortable asking advice, sharing their losses and wins. This is a brotherhood of Tribe’s Men where each one will teach one.

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