Outfit Of The Week: Ever Set Back Is A Set Up For Your Come Back

All This Winning I’ve Been Losing My Mind Literally

Photos By: Shots By Priiincesss

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Outfit Of The Week: Ever Set Back Is A Set Up For Your Come Back

This week has been challenging in all the best and worst ways Its been the busiest week of the year so far. I did 7 days straight of editing and shooting both video and photos, which is actually way harder than it looks. Then after shooting for 7 days in a row guess how has to edit all of this projects MEEE!! now don’t get me wrong I love the Magic I get to create with my friends/clients. It’s just like the saying goes be careful what you ask for because it will come to true and babyyyy did it ever.

So this week I have been off since Tuesday editing photos and videos everyday nonstop so much so that I forgot about this blog post that was supposed to go out yesterday don’t kill me y’all.

In spite of my absence of yesterday’s post, I’m giving y’all a special video today and a special treat on Friday as well so get your wallets and pocketbooks ready.

I’ll leave you with these words from Alesia Carie “growing pains is keeping up at night”.

Jacket: Original Use (Target)

Shirt: US Polo Assn (Sears)

Shorts: American Eagle (Similar)

Socks: Target

Shoes: Adidas

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