XL Food For Thought Stop Sweeping Your Emotions Under The Rug

XL Food For Thought Stop Sweeping

Your Emotions Under The Rug

So, fellas, I want to talk about the habits and the things we do after we get out a relationship. I’ve been inspired by episode seven season two of Insecure. I want to talk about all my Lawrence’s out there. So many times we get out of a relationship we immediately jump into something new.  Without ever resolving our feelings about what happened in the previous relationship. For many of us, the way we process relationships is when we get out of one, we tend to want to fuck everything that moves. Then 6 to 9 months later when even that new bae realizes we are emotionally unavailable or we will realize we’re not emotionally available then that’s when we want to let the shit hit the fan. See by this time its too late your partner has already worked through or is working through the pain and their moving on.

You see if there’s anything you should know it’s the person who usually does not understand themselves emotionally is the person who always takes the longest to heal from a relationship. When the relationship is over and you don’t take the time to process your feelings and be by your mother fucking self. I’m going to repeat this fella stay by your motherfucking self. Take the time go through the details in your head replay over and over the shit, you did this shit the other person did that’s what helps you learn about yourself as an individual. How you handled yourself in certain situations, what you would’ve done differently.

I guarantee you if there’s a chance of reconciliation of a relationship it usually happens within the first 6 to 9 months of the relationship being over. I’m a tell you one thing fellas that 6 to 9 months that you where fucking everything that moves she was by herself when you realize what happened and you try to get her back that’s why she’s long gone. If you guys have been watching insecure you realize that Lawrence got out of a five-year relationship with Issa started dating homegirl from the bank immediately and already engaging in activities that you don’t do unless you’re in a long-term relationship. i.e Going to the family picnic bad idea Lawrence.

Then Lawrence leave’s her because it got too real then he hurt her. She called him out on his shit then he start’s dating the girl at work immediately after that do y’all see the pattern here. Closure is so fucking important when you get out of a relationship try to find the closure whether it be by having a conversation with that person you just got out of a relationship with or if you cannot do that then finding the closure within.(Which sometimes mean seeing someone) If you do not get the closure you. Don't be a fuck boy who thinks he's a good guy Click To Tweet


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