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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week James Fatz

XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week James Fatz

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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week James Fatz


1. My biggest fashion obstacle is that it’s 2017 & the major chain stores I like to shop at, I have to go online to their website just to find my size. Why can’t you had XXL to XXXL to your clothing line & stores?!?

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2. I’m From Washington, DC. {THE DMV}. Our biggest fashion trend used to be so plain & simple. In the Winter & Spring; Blue jeans & a white plain tee or shore/long sleeve shirt and some “Buttah’s” {The tan Timberland boots} lol. And, for the Summer & Fall; Khaki tan shorts & a white tee or a white beater {tank top} with some “Buttah’s”.

Now, the DMV has spread its wings & gotten very fashionable down through the years. We’re very classy, trendy, dappered, vintage & so much more. We have geared towards the “NOW” of today’s fashion. But, to each is own. There’s still more fashion work to be done on some big fellas. Lol

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3. I don’t think or can’t recall of me having a fashion nightmare. Oh wait, I just remembered. I used to wear them long jacket 8 button suits & thought I was really doing something & killing it.  Back then, that was the thing & every male that went to church, work, Friday night outings were wearing them. Mind you, I was in my teens wearing that. Me copying of what I saw & grew accustomed to. Lol! Plz see pics…


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4. My biggest style inspirations come from Me. I’m always paying attention to what’s in, looking at different patterns, styles & so forth. I look at fashion blogs, tv shows, runways fashion shows etc, to see how I can incorporate the fashion looks of skinny guys to plus size men & make It work for me. That’s the key to fashion. Stepping our your comfort zone & out the box, knowing what works for you & taking a risk. I put things together & just rock it. I put it like this, IF THE SMALL CAN WEAR IT, THEN I, THE BIG CAN TOO!

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5. I see myself LIVING in 5 yrs & continuing to prosper in whatever the Lord has planned for me. I’m living in the NOW & only hope & pray to God that I make it to the next 5yrs which, I’ll be 40. When I get there, then I can tell you what my plans are for my 40’s.

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6. Plus size models are missing in today’s fashion for men of size. We too can walk in Prada, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Yvette Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld & so much more. If only they give us a chance. The fashion world needs an outlet for us men of size to show off our talents & what we can do & offer to bring fashion awareness for the men of size. Like I said before, in the BIG major brand stores, why can’t we go & shop there? Why can’t we model your designs? The question is, WHY?!?

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7. The celebrity I would love to swap styles with is my mans, DJ Khaled. It represents & celebrates his chubbiness & give the men of size a good look. His fashions are always on point & he’s a beacon to look up to. He’s versatile & can pretty much pull anything off & that’s me! I am always changing my look & can give you different & many looks.

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My social media outlets are as follows:

Instagram: thedappermaestro
Instagram: dmv_maestro
Twitter: Yourboifatz
Facebook: James Padgé

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