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Outfit Of The Week: Remember Why You Started

Outfit Of The Week: Remember Why You Started

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Every Wednesday these posts are supposed to come out and inspire you’ll to dress better and overall live better but yesterday I just couldn’t. I had to remember why I started. It was hard for me to inspire people when I wasn’t feeling inspired myself. I know we all have a day like this so I was tripping I know I just needed to sleep and get my mind together.

Remember Why You Started

I’ve been putting myself under immense pressure to create a level of wealth that I’ve never seen before. So I think it’s been getting to me. So this post is a day late but still on time. I hope that shows that entreprenuership isn’t fucking easy. This daily stress of making sure that you get a new client that helps pushes your budget into the black. Then be your own PR, social media rep, accountant, tax preparer, photographer, web designer, and graphic designer. It’s a lot, to say the least, and that’s not all truth me there’s more.

Remember Why You Started
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I’ve been on this journey of entrepreneurship for over 10 years. However, its been a long journey to a successful business until now. It’s almost three years in and I can’t believe that it doesn’t feel like it at all. I had to take a step back and remember why I started. I created this brand to show the world that stylish big men are here and when being Big & Tall and fly is the norm and not the expectation I will have done my job.

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