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The Speech​ I Wanted to Say At The FFIA’s

The Speech​ I Wanted to Say At The FFIA’s

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The Speech​ I Wanted to Say At The FFIA’s. I was so nervous that I forget all the important people .



The Speech​ I Wanted to Say At The FFIA's

Marie plays such a vital role in my day-to-day Business. Marie has helped me figure out how to find new revenue streams that I never even thought were possible. Marie‘s always helping me to make sure that my blog is running effectively from reducing the size of my images to making sure that my hosting is up to par and moree.

Reggie Sherard 

Reginald is always pushing me to do more in the areas of the big and tall space that have been left untapped. Reginald’s also the person that makes sure that I don’t look dumb on the Internet he makes sure that my blog posts are spelled correctly. So I don’t have any grammatical errors. He also helping me think outside the box that doesn’t even exist now because there’s no format for big and tall blogging. 

Big Mike 

How MANY WAYS CAN YOU SAY THANK YOU? Big Mike’s birthday happens to be today as I’m writing this. Big mike has poured into me and my business I ways I cant count. Always introducing me to new people that have helped my business grow in ways I didn’t even know was possible. Thank You

Rob Robinson 

Rob Robinson I mean what can I say this man has helped me figure out may Ways to charge what I’m actually worth. He schooled me on how to gain a license for my work so that I continuously get paid and it’s not a one-time payment. Rob also thought me how to keep my circle small and how to raise my prices that are conducive to the level work that I’m producing. 


I mean Curt is even more behind the scenes then you guys would even imagine but he also helped me out tremendously in providing resources that I could use to make the site better in terms of sight performance, speed, hosting, server SSL like all the really deep back in things Curt helps. 

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And finally, the woman who helps me realize who the fuck I am every day, my best friend, Priiincesss! Even when I want to doubt myself, even when I want to tell myself I’m not good enough or try to make excuses why I can’t do something, she’ll be like cut the bullshit and for that I’m forever grateful. She’s my best friend she’s always here, always giving me advice, always pushing me always making sure that I don’t slack off and when I try to slack off she will let me know and remind me of the BIG goal I have set for myself! I Love you Lady and thank you for 16 amazing years, let’s keep going. 

and You The Readers. 

And last but certainly not least to my readers to each and every one of you that reads my blog post when you get my email every Monday.  To the guys, that have reached out to me and talk to me and told me about how the things I’m writing has his help them be more confident or change their life because of something I wrote. I never thought that I could touch this many lives but, because of Big & Tall guys like you. I have been able to achieve greatness.

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