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Introducing to XL Tribesmen One Bone

Introducing to XL Tribesmen One Bone

Introducing to XL Tribesmen One Bone

The beginning of how Introducing to XL Tribesmen One Bone happened with a meeting. About one or two years ago at the National Curves Day Weekend event over karaoke, I had an opportunity to meet the CEO Adam and we talk briefly about his brand and vision. Well fast forward 2 years and look at me creating dope ass content about their amazing brand.

Introducing to XL Tribesmen One Bone

I’ve been watching their growth from the stands and I couldn’t be more proud. They shared earlier this year they got a building /factory and that accomplishment in itself deserves a round of applause. This has been the month of introductions for us over here at XL Tribe. I have been talking to a lot of Big & Tall Men and they always tell me the same things they need shirts that cover their belly. Well, One Bone does that and more.

Here’s what One Bone has to say about some of the issue with Big & Tall men’s shirts

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” The main issues with t-shirts were sleeves, belly, and length. If a t-shirt is long enough, the sleeves are crazy long and wide, making us look heavier. If the sleeves fit properly, our belly can’t fit, etc. It was always a game of Goldilox and the three bears. Our cut features:

  • shorter, tighter sleeves (we know… tighter? Not a word we’re used to right? Trust us when we say, this is the defining thing that will make us look thinner and stronger in a ONE BONE t-shirt)
  • more space in the stomach area
  • more length to hide our gut and a$$ crack” 
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