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5 Things To Get Dad For Fathers Day !!

5 Things To Get Dad For Fathers Day !!

Fathers Day

5 Things To Get Dad For Fathers Day

1. TCFStyle Expo Tickets

You see more now than ever the TCFStyle Expo is including man in a big way and 2018 is going to be even bigger. TCFStyle Expo is making a push to make sure men are included in the show and expo. Some of the confirmed brands and booth are Koil’s By Nature, MVP Collections and more.

2. Get Him A Gift Card To DXL

In the last 2-3 years DXL has been making a effort like to step up the collection of clothes they carry starting with carrying MVP Collections. Then relaunch their brand to a younger demographic with the #xlstyle campaign. DXL has really shown that they are committed to not only believing in the growth of big and tall XL men.

5 Things To Get Dad For Fathers Day !!

3. Custom Suit From Franklin Anthony Or Big Man Culture

Now its time for a custom suit. This one’s for those peeps whose father has exquisite taste and is looking for something a little bit more personal, get him a custom-made suit. I have two suit makers for you. Franklin and Anthony & Big Man Culture they both make custom suits for the Big & or Tall Man.

4.Get Him Some Beard Product

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Now that we got him a suit, we bought him some clothes from the DXL and we got him some tickets from The Curvy Fashionista Expo now we need to get that beard happy. So you have Ashton Parker Co, is a new brand but there have they been around and just rebrand themselves and they’ve come out with a complete line of beard care products.

5. Skin Care

OK last but not least, now we got him those tickets to The Curvy Fashionista Expo then got some clothes from the DXL, get a custom suit from Franklin and Anthony & Big Man Culture. Then get some beard products from Koil’s By Nature or Ashton Parker Co. Now is the time to take care of that skin. You see for so long women have been the leaders in skin care and I always though to myself. I’m over here raising my hand in the corner saying wait a minute I care about myself too I wanna look great I want to be that Fly grandpa too.

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