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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Tiny

XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Tiny

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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Tiny

1. What are your biggest fashion obstacles?
Being from the Middle East and having lived in both Dubai and Bahrain, there isn’t much of a market for plus-sized individuals (even though a huge percentage of the population are plus sized Individuals). That being said it makes it hard for us to be trendy, or even dress how we would like to due to the fact that the market doesn’t cater to our sizes. I usually have to order my clothes from abroad (America or UK) because I can actually find things my size that isn’t basic or let alone way too big which isn’t flattering nor does it show off my figure. And I definitely am not one to tailor the National attire ( Thob and Ghitra ) and wear it on a daily basis just because I’m bigger than most.

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2. Where are you from and how you describe your style?
I am a hybrid, my father being from Bahrain and my mom being from Seychelles. I am an island guy. I would describe my style as “street meets classy”, I always have plain t-shirts worn with either really tight jeans, sometimes ripped jeans, and I top it off with some nice classic shoes.
3. Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)
Wow, this took me some time to do, I was really big and started to face a few health issues so I decided to take care of my health and started to lose the weight, and I said to myself once I’m comfortable in my skin I will post a picture of me topless, which I did and shockingly I got praised for it by many people. It made me go harder and push for more, ever since I like going to the beach haha.IMG 6596
4. What are some things you wanna see more of from your favorite brands?
Wanna know what’s funny? my favorite brands are brands that rarely make things in my size, so I would love them to just have a side for plus sized people already! Get with the program we are taking over can’t you see!
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5. Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you see yourself accomplishing it?
I see myself posing in magazines as a healthy plus size person and being a spokesperson pushing people to stay big ( if they like ) just be active so that you minimize the health complications that could occur. Plus I would definitely make it my goal to show the world that body shaming doesn’t solve anything. I would make it my goal as well to have a scene in the Middle East for plus-sized people who love fashion, we have a community, we just need to work together and make it happen!
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6. How long have you been on the journey of being a Big & Tall man? What’s the biggest misconception you hear about Big & Tall Guys? I have been big and tall ever since I was a kid, the biggest misconception is that big guys can’t or shouldn’t dress like skinnier people, which isn’t true because I look better in skinny jeans ok, hahaha. Another thing that I’ve always heard for a while now, is that big guys can’t become influencers in sports and can’t achieve things as athletes, well guess what? I am the new brand ambassador for Fitness First gym in the Middle East which I can’t wait to show what I have in store!
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7.If you could swap styles with one celebrity who would it be and why?
The one person’s style I would swap mine for is Jidenna, the guy is just dope and the way he mixes his outfits and incorporates his cultural background is just brilliant. Plus he doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard to look good.
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