Outfit Of The Week I’m Kicking Back In My Winston Box Clothes

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Outfit Of The Week I’m Kicking Back In My Winston Box Clothes

In a continuation of I Can’t Believe This Is My Life, I got the opportunity to work with the team over at the Winston Box. Back in February, I had the honor of speaking with their CEO. During that conversation, I got the chance to learn about how their company was started some of the early challanges they faced getting these items past customs and into the country. One common thread through it all was their commitment to making sure Plus size men got a lane all their own. The Winston Box sources their cotton from Peru which is where the founder of the Winston Box Wil Cuadros family is from.


Subscription Service

This subscription box service is just what the big and tall man has been waiting for. The name derives from” Sir Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and one of the most stylish men to ever grace the planet, our goal is to dispel the myth that style and size are mutually exclusive and that fashionable clothing must end at a 42 waist or an XL shirt.” The cotton from Peru feels amazing on your skin and won’t fall about after one or two wears. See the advantage they have is “Having complete control of the design, manufacturing, and distribution of our signature label, we can deliver high-quality garments and consistent sizing at a reasonable flat rate.” Which is why they can give you 2-4 pieces every month.

Outfit Of The Week I'm Keeping Back In My Winston Box Clothes

So getting the chance to partner with such a company that brings us quality clothing at an affordable price needs to be celebrated in one way. By going to thewinstonbox.com and signing up for your very own box every month. It’s $75 per month but just for our readers, you will save $15 off your first box by using code “KIRK15” at checkout.


Shirt: The Winston Box (Sponsored)

Pants: The Winston Box (Sponsored)

Socks: Marvel Capitan America

Quotes From Curvy Fashionista, The Winston Box

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