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Koils By Nature Men’s Product Review

Koils By Nature Men’s Product Review

koils by nature deluxe beard kit

Koils By Nature Men’s Product Review

It is officially been over seven days since I’ve been using Koils By Nature For Men and I absolutely love it. The last time I put it on my beard was Thursday it is now Sunday and my beard is still soft it still smells so good, now granted is not as soft as if I would’ve kept moisturizing it every day I will have to say I did miss a day but it still smells and feels really good. The fact that it hasn’t been on my face for two days I’ve gotten hella compliments is a plus in my book. I love how weightless the moisturizer feels when you put it on your beard. I love how it lathers in a foamy way. The foam is definitely the reason it feels lighter than other beard washes. The only thing I’m missing is a mango scented version of everything (I’m Jamaican I want mango and coconut everything lol.)

PS  I love detail (I get it from Apple) one thing I just noticed, most of the bottles are not dark colors like other beard products.

Beard & Face Cleanser & Shaving Foam

Koils by Nature Beard Face Cleanser BC 87206.1466723800.1280.1280

Our beard and face cleanser will soothe purify and stimulate while gently cleansing your skin and beard removing bacteria and dirt. This rich velvet cleanser is made with rosehips and rosewater. Your face and beard will be clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. The healing property of our candelua is excellent for those with sensitive skin and rosehips is rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E. The aloe leaf juice has healing and moisturizing qualities that will leave your beard and skin clean and healthy.

Beard & Face Moisturizer

Koils by Nature Beard Face Moisturizer 37451.1466723655.1280.1280

Our beard and face moisturizer moisturizes and conditions your beard leaving it soft to the touch and moisturize prompting growth! This moisturizer will make your beard soft and manageable! Less breakage means a fuller beard!

Beard Butter

Koils by Nature Beard Butter 59887.1466723688.1280.1280

This rich non-greasy butter will seal in all the goodness of the beard and face moisturizer. You will see an improvement in your beard and face. Heals and prevent razor bumps and scars!

Beard Oil

IMG 1255 77627.1466624246.1280.1280

Made with the best oils on earth that will seal the moisture your beard and face! Jojoba and Jamaican black castor oil provide nourishment to your beard. Stops facial beard itching heals skin reduce split ends and hair breakage. Provides a thicker fuller beard.


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