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RonReaco Lee Kontrol Magazine Cover Release Party & Survivor’s Remorse Celebration

RonReaco Lee Kontrol Magazine Cover Release Party & Survivor’s Remorse Celebration

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RonReaco Lee Kontrol Magazine Cover Release Party & Survivor’s Remorse Celebration

Kontrol Magazine Homme had a cover unveiling party for Survivor’s Remorse star RonReaco Lee as well as the celebration of the season four for Survivors Remorse which comes back on August 20 My Bday on Starz. I had the pleasure of meeting most of the cast. Jessie Usher was so dope and down to earth, dancing to all the latest jams and enjoying himself. Tichina Arnold was amazing and brought everything you love from on screen into real life. Erica Ash was stunning it was my first time seeing her in person and she was flawless head to toe. Her skin, her dress, her hair was shining, shining, shining yeah. Her sister Adrienne Ash flawless too. Teyonah Parris was there all smiles and being amazing. RonReaco Lee the man of the hour. He was soaking up his moment in the sun because we were there to celebrate his magazine cover for Kontrol Homme.  I had the pleasure of attending this wonderful event last night and I think there’s one word that can sum up my feeling for the night…. grateful. These are the people I would see on online and TV and say one day I’m gonna be in a room with these people and I would say it’s gonna be my moment for life one day. Well, that one day was today.

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Nikki Nicole, Fadelf Jackson

DSC 0873DSC 0875

DSC 0880

DSC 0882

DSC 0885


DSC 0884

The Bartenders Of The Marke

DSC 0887

Desserts by: Brown Sugar

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DSC 0923

Mrs. Roderica & Mrs. Janice

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DSC 0900 e1502902416458

DSC 0898

Jenaya Faulkner

DSC 0908 e1502902395812

Travis Cure

DSC 0904

Karras Jordan, Zimzon LeLo, Stevie Baggs, Travis Cure

DSC 0913

DSC 0916

DSC 0930

DSC 0935

DSC 0938 e1502902441553

Trina Braxton

DSC 0941 e1502902472789

DSC 0950

DSC 0946

Jayson Glenn

DSC 0952 e1502902519534

RonReaco Lee

DSC 0954 e1502902546764

Erica Ash, Jenaya Faulkner

DSC 0962 e1502902574939

DSC 0964 e1502902601728

DSC 0967 e1502908339883

DSC 0970

DSC 0976 e1502908412225

DSC 0978 e1502908456806

DSC 0984 e1502908504741

Jessie Usher

DSC 0989

DSC 0013

DSC 0008

DSC 0015

DSC 0027

DSC 0043 e1502908779314

Kirklan H

DSC 0052 e1502908951814

Krystal, Nikki Nicole

DSC 0055 e1502909214411

Nikki Nicole, Fadelf Jackson

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Sonja Norwood

DSC 0068

DSC 0071

DSC 0073

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