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Outfit Of The Week EQL

Outfit Of The Week EQL


Outfit Of The Week EQL

As we grow have we’ve been think of ways to give back and when EQL contacted me about doing a post on their brand I was honestly shocked. I was thinking like wow this brand see us as a place of join and wants to come on board and I was thrilled by that. It’s exactly why I started this site to the agent of change and provide representation to market that is completely underserved and devalued. This is why I agreed to partner with EQL. and be your own agent of change.

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We apply the 65% of the proceeds from sales to amplify your efforts.  So, while you’re a stylish human billboard for equality, we’re doing things like placing actual billboards and Facebook ads for equality.  And, if you’re willing, we take your simple selfie of you in EQL gear and you reach a whole new audience on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  So, you share the photo and so do we!  And, our beliefs build together in a way that never existed before.  This surge of positive communication will change how people think about equality.

Oh, one last thing….   We take the other 35% of the proceeds from your purchase and donate those funds to great organizations that do important work for equality in your community, such as the ACLU.  Nice job!

We are applying the strategy of major brands to the topic of equality. We know that for true equality to emerge, we need to have a positive feeling about equality and make it’s support commonplace. It must permeate all communities and be so present and so positive every day, that policymakers, business owners, and even narrow-minded neighbors will have to take notice. But, it’s not a massive protest that creates friction and begets accommodation. It’s a quiet march that happens every day, everywhere. At the gym, the supermarket, the restaurant, walking down the street. If we are everywhere, if we present a united, positive identity, we’ll change minds, communities and the world.

Crazy? Not really. This is what brands do. They generate positive emotion and stay top of mind. They use brand advocates to share their message and appeal. They reach the masses and add new customers every day. So, together, we’re going to do the same thing with equality. Make sense? Let’s go do it together! Join EQL.


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How EQL Works from EQL on Vimeo.

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Shirt: EQL 2XL (Sponsored)

Shorts: IZOD Saltwater 40

Shoes: Adidas (11)

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