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Dinner In Denim Event

Dinner In Denim Event

DinnerInDenim 27

Happy Monday everyone we have literally like 20+ more days until the end of 2017 can you guys believe it, it’s actually almost over but almost doesn’t count like Brandy said so we still gotta work….. getting these event photos out.

I had the pleasure of attending the Dinner in Denim event host by NeShanta Davis yesterday and it was amazing first let’s start with the custom table decor. I have seen a lot of centerpiece in my life but I’ve never seen one made out of denim that was the first interesting thing.

The table clots were denim y’all the denim theme was real. This event was a way as she described it to bring all of her talents together in one room she’s a fashion style blogger who is curated a little differently than other fashion style bloggers because she is a thriftier.

She also runs a meal prep delivery food service called Lunch For Tomorrow which will we get into a little later because the food was the bomb dotcom, and also the launch of her new book 50 ways to style denim.

The hostess with the mosses did not disappoint in her all denim outfit she came to impress. Now on to the dinner we had a salad with the Italian dressing with crumbled cheese and for the entrée we had a Soul food pasta that had turkey meat and collard greens with a side of green beans and homemade sweet rolls.

Let’s just say guys miss Davis is going places and if you guys want to follow her I suggest you check her out and see what’s cooking next. (Got It Whats Cooking Next Wink Wink).

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