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Sprezza Box Review

Sprezza Box Review

Sprezza Box XL Shoots 3

Sprezza Box Review

Sprezza Box XL Shoots 2

I had the pleasure of trying out the Sprezza Box and all I can say is I’m impressed. How do they pack over $100 in a box that cost $28 I just don’t understand. Inside My Sprezza box is The Houston. Houston is a street in Soho NYC that’s known for its luxury and style. My box came with:

A Perry Ellis Neck Tie Retail $45

Sprezza Valet Tray Retail $30

Zocks Socks Retail $10

Thursday Boots Shoes Laces Retail $10

DIBL Watch

Key Ring

Pocket Square

All of that for just $28 I mean you can’t beat that if you tried. Speaking of you can try out your very own Sprezza box. Just CLICK HERE to get started. Yall know I never leave yall hanging. Use code “sprezzafb8” for $20 discount off your first box. See I told yall I got you now there’s no reason why you can’t try the box. Once you get yours in the mail tag us so we can see what box you got and how you like it.

Sprezza Box XL Shoots 9 Sprezza Box XL Shoots 6 Sprezza Box XL Shoots 5

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