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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Wesley Green

XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Wesley Green

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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week Wesley Green

1. What are your biggest fashion obstacles?
I’m from Eustis, Florida. It’s warm weather; therefore I’m in cooler clothing throughout the year. Shorts and lightweight pants are usually what I go for, including graphic tees and my own
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2. Where are you from and what are biggest fashion trends in your city?

What are your biggest fashion obstacles: I don’t really have obstacles; just situations that aren’t as comfortable, but I make it work. I’m 6’10, so I have to be aware of how my clothes fit. Once I find the right pair of jeans, pants, and shirts I’m all set.

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3.Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)
Fashion nightmare? I don’t have one. Lol! But I think if I did, it would probably be me not wanting to flood my jeans or look corny in something because of my height.

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4.What are some of your biggest style inspirations?
 My biggest style inspiration is really me. I have my own style, my own vibe. I wear what’s comfortable to me and what makes me look good. I’m not into trend following but trendsetting.
5. Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you see yourself accomplishing it?
I see myself owning a basketball, fitness, and education academy for young men from single-parent households. If fashion had anything to do with it, I’d make sure my boys have fly gear to practice in but it’s mostly me giving back and helping at least one person achieve his/her goal of going pro or getting scholarships to play sports in school like I did.

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What do you feel is missing in fashion for the men of size?
6. I think quality brands in general for men over the height of 6’3. I have to get things custom made. It would be nice to have several options that cater to long legs with a short torso, long arms, and a long neck or different combinations of each.

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7.If you could swap styles with one celebrity who would it be and why?
If I could swap styles with anyone, I would suggest Dwight Howard. His suits are tailor-made, his style isn’t corny, and our physique has similarities.
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