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I See You.. Part 2

I See You.. Part 2

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I See You.. Part 2

Culturally, sexual harassment and abuse are tools leveraged to exploit the less powerful within the traditional and patriarchal hierarchy of a capitalist paradigm. People consequently are dehumanized, commoditized and objectified for the entertainment and consumption of those willing to abuse their power. Greed, power, lust and egos, intertwine to create a delusional cocktail that will intoxicate the plutonic and cordial body that was formed to perform various tasks and duties within the web of integrity spun by its leaders. 

Changing from an “ICU” to a “I see you “culture. 

In short; changing the culture requires:

  1. Educate- 
    1. Management should be educated on how they should conduct themselves and respond to complaints
    2. Staff should be educated on what their rights are and how they too can be victims of sexual harassment. Staff should also be empowered to utilize the “ See something, Say something” rule.
  2. Establish- Legislation should be updated and agencies tasked with identifying and penalizing organizations that fail to respond appropriately or have been found to enable hostile environments for victims. 
  3. Shift- Move from a culture of enablement to a positive advocacy environment that supports victims that demonstrate the courage to expose this negative behavior. 
  4. Dismantle- Eliminate arbitration clauses that do not shed light on valid matters of abuse and often dismiss the matter enabling the opportunity for the problem to persist. 
  5. Create- Develop and demonstrate healthy attitudes, behaviors and relationships between staff and management to reduce unhealthy assumptions about the balance of power which foster disdain for management and the potential for unsubstantiated accusations. 
  6. Deploy- The government should assign more resources to further develop existing Human Resources departments while also providing support for companies that do not have a department to address training and complaints. 


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